Fokker F27, F28, F50, F70/100

From a selection of Dart engines for the F27 aircraft, to prop kits for the overhaul of the R352 F50 prop, to F100 landing gear, the Fokker family of aircraft have been a large component of EJS business for the past two decades.

The company holds the largest selection of F27 rotable and consumable material in the world, covering all areas of the aircraft. Purchases of fleets of F27’s and all their stock holdings in the past 15 years, from operators such as Fedex and Farnair, has resulted in an unparalleled ability to support the remaining F27 fleet currently flying. Disassembly of over 15 airframes over this time period has kept stock levels high of all the major required items.

Natural progression over the past two decades into the Fokker 50, 70 and 100 have meant that we are able to support any and all operators of Fokker aircraft with all their component needs. We maintain stocks of Fokker 50, 70 and 100 rotable and consumable material and are constantly on the lookout for further packages to purchase or aircraft and fleets of these aircraft to disassemble for components.