Specialising in the support of Regional, Commercial and Executive aircraft, Executive Jet Support has expanded its portfolio of component inventory to cover material from most of the major manufacturers, including ATR, BAe, Fokker, Boeing and Airbus.

Concentrating on a relationship-based approach, in recent years our portfolio has expanded into support for the newer regional aircraft from Bombardier and Embraer, primarily in response to the shifting fleets of our regular customers.

Lest we forget our roots, we continue to support aircraft from most of the major VIP aircraft manufacturers, including those made by Gulfstream, Hawker and Bombardier.

Further information about each Platform supported can be found below, and highlights of the stock held for each can be found on our Inventory page.

ATR42 / 72

With one of the world’s largest stocks of ATR material, Executive Jet Support are recognised as one of the preeminent suppliers of ATR components to operators around the globe. From our first purchase of rotable material in the late ‘90’s, to the acquisition of three 72-200 from Eurolot, and the more recent additions of 42 and 72-500’s, all parted out to supply our component support division, we have continually sought.

We hold extensive airframe inventory, including propellers and propeller blades, hubs and actuators, multiple landing gear shipsets, leading edges and flying surfaces, as well as vast array of airframe items ranging from instruments and avionics to hydraulics and electrical items, all ready to be shipped.

All stocks are available with full certification and can be supplied on sale, exchange or loan basis. A small selection of our ATR material can be viewed on our Inventory page.

Our ATR sales team is headed up by Lee Robinson, a highly respected expert in the ATR field.

BAe146 & RJ

The British Aerospace 146 family of aircraft, first supported by EJS in 1995, has been a cornerstone of aircraft covered by the company since the inception of the business. This has resulted in the company holding an extensive knowledgebase of information as well as a vast amount of inventory for the 146.

Numerous packages and multiple aircraft purchases (with their associated disassembly) means the company holds one of the most comprehensive stock holdings of 146 material in the world.

The purchase and disassembly of four BAe146 in 2012-2013, further purchases of freighter 146’s from TNT Belgium, and more recently acquisitions from Starbow Airlines and Formula One underline our commitment to this aircraft type. These aircraft have been disassembled, all components being certified with EASA release before being added to our already extensive inventory.

We hold stocks of all components for this aircraft type, ranging from engines, landing gear shipsets, flying surfaces all with certification, avionics, instrumentation and hydraulics.

Our BAe sales team is headed up by 146 guru Rob McManus.

Fokker F27, F28, F50, F70/100

From a selection of Dart engines for the F27 aircraft, to prop kits for the overhaul of the R352 F50 prop, to F100 landing gear, the Fokker family of aircraft have been a large component of EJS business for the past two decades.

The company holds the largest selection of F27 rotable and consumable material in the world, covering all areas of the aircraft. Purchases of fleets of F27’s and all their stock holdings in the past 15 years, from operators such as Fedex and Farnair, has resulted in an unparalleled ability to support the remaining F27 fleet currently flying. Disassembly of over 15 airframes over this time period has kept stock levels high of all the major required items. At any one time we will have 2-4 overhauled propellers held near completion, Dart engines in serviceable condition, landing gear shipsets available and any number of high turn items ready on the shelf, such as Dunlop compressors, wheels and brakes. Regular suppliers to Fokker, we work closely with the manufacturer and all the operators and MRO’s to keep this remarkable workhorse flying.

Natural progression over the past two decades into the Fokker 50, 70 and 100 have meant that we are able to support any and all operators of Fokker aircraft with all their component needs. We maintain stocks of Fokker 50, 70 and 100 rotable and consumable material and are constantly on the lookout for further packages to purchase or aircraft and fleets of these aircraft to disassemble for components.

A300, A310, A320, B737, B757, B767

Starting with an initial $1m stock purchase of B737-300 and A320 rotable material from Air Malta in 1999, EJS have grown into a major provider of Boeing and Airbus material to operators around the globe. Our extensive and ever increasing stockholding of Boeing and Airbus material covers rotables and consumables, currently standing at over 20,000 line items covering the A300, 310 and 320 aircraft, and Boeing 737 (classic and new generation) models.

Our support covers both commercial and private operators of these aircraft, ranging from major airlines operating many aircraft to a VVIP operator flying one A318CJ and a B737. We are able to support a customer’s needs in its entirety, as part of a total support package, or on an ad hoc basis.

Bombardier Twin Otter (DHC6) and Dash 8 Support

EJS offers support for both the Twin Otter and Dash 8 series of aircraft. The company is currently involved in a number of projects which will enhance current levels of inventory and thus support.

The Dash 8 in particular has been a natural progression (along with the ATR) as the replacement airframe for the aging F27. As a specialist company dedicated to regional aircraft component support EJS were well placed to offer customers help with their transition to the Dash 8. Similarities with the ATR, such as the P&W 120 series engine and Hamilton propeller, eased the transition to Dash 8 support.

Today we are able to offer Bombardier support to a wide range of clients.

Embraer E145, E170/ 175/ 190/ 195

The next generation of regional jet is an expanding market that EJS are developing support for in response to the needs of our customers, who are looking to or already have upgraded their fleets. The new generation of Embraer aircraft, the E-Jet series (E170/175/190/195), is a product currently supported by EJS.

Looking to increase the expansion into the E-Jet range, we are actively seeking stock and aircraft for disassembly to enhance our current inventory.

Executive Aircraft

When the company was opened in 1994, the first major client was a Heathrow-based MRO, operating HS125 and Gulfstream jets on behalf of high net worth clients.

From these beginnings, EJS expanded their executive portfolio to include Challenger and Falcon VIP aircraft and now holds stocks covering all these major aircraft types.

Support is offered on a total support basis, resulting in the operator having one point of contact for all the component needs, greatly simplifying the task. With round-the-clock availability, required due to the nature of the demanding VIP operation, the person responsible for aircraft engineering serviceability has a component support company that can be relied on. Supporting numerous such operations, we understand the unique needs of the Executive marketplace.