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Thursday, May 23rd, 2024
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Executive Agreement by

An executive agreement is a type of international agreement that is made between the executive branch of a country and another country. Unlike treaties, executive agreements do not require approval from the legislative branch of a country. This means that executive agreements can be made more quickly and are typically used for less significant agreements.

When it comes to international trade and commerce, executive agreements can be extremely useful for streamlining the negotiation and implementation process. For example, an executive agreement can be used to create a framework for two countries to work together on a specific trade issue. This can include things like reducing tariffs, setting up trade incentives, or even agreeing on specific product standards.

One term that you might come across when reading about executive agreements is the phrase “executive agreement by.” This phrase simply refers to the parties involved in the agreement. For example, a headline might read “Executive Agreement by US and China Creates New Trade Framework.” In this case, the executive agreement is between the United States and China.

It`s worth noting that the use of executive agreements can be controversial at times. Some people argue that executive agreements bypass the checks and balances that are supposed to be in place to ensure fair and democratic decision-making. Others argue that executive agreements are necessary when quick action is needed, as the legislative process can be slow and cumbersome.

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