Computer Backbone

Maintenance of a dedicated high specification 200 sqft server room, with space for up to 50 rack-based servers, holds our fully redundant active-active server and storage arrays. Full height server racking, uninterruptable power supplies and fibre optic comms. On-site and off-site NAS-based backup routines ensure the security of our data, including images of our all-important quality related documentation.

Fully Interconnected

With over 30km of Cat5e cabling under raised flooring in our head office, internal Gigabit networks and VPN over Fibre that connects the Server Room to our home-offices and outstations, our business is fully interconnected.

Cutting edge hardware & software

IBM Intel Xeon-based servers, workstations built around the latest Intel Haswell chipsets and Android smartphones keep us at the forefront of technology. When it comes to software, our CEO’s previous life as a Windows programmer means the very latest software. XenServer HyperVisor technology, coupled the latest Microsoft Windows Server 2016 OS, allows the provision of a fast and stable environment for our aviation, office and IP telephony software. Component Control’s Quantum ERP program heads up the aviation software, a product widely respected throughout the aviation world. Quantum enables us to have a fully documented audit trail of every component and associated transaction, as well as allowing for a totally paperless solution for all material certification, quotation, purchase and sales paper trails.

Latest generation VOIP and IM

Through the use of the latest 2018 3CX v15 VOIP based phone system, running on a dedicated VM server, communications both inside the office network and outside via Fibre VPN, WiFi or 4G keep all company employees in constant touch and available to all our customers at all times.