BAe146 & RJ

The British Aerospace 146 family of aircraft, first supported by EJS in 1995, has been a cornerstone of aircraft covered by the company since the inception of the business. This has resulted in the company holding an extensive knowledgebase of information as well as a vast amount of inventory for the 146.

Numerous packages and multiple aircraft purchases (with their associated disassembly) means the company holds one of the most comprehensive stock holdings of 146 material in the world.

The purchase and disassembly of four BAe146 in 2012-2013, further purchases of freighter 146’s from TNT Belgium, and more recently acquisitions from Starbow Airlines and Formula One underline our commitment to this aircraft type. These aircraft have been disassembled, all components being certified with EASA release before being added to our already extensive inventory.

We hold stocks of all components for this aircraft type, ranging from engines, landing gear shipsets, flying surfaces all with certification, avionics, instrumentation and hydraulics.