Component Repairs

Executive Jet Support offer our customers the use of our in-house repair department, which is dedicated to the repair or overhaul of rotable components including engines, propellers and landing gear and encompasses all repairable (rotable) airframe components.

The teams extensive knowledge and experience of repairs, coupled with our worldwide MRO alliances and preferred vendors with favourable pricing models, allows the department efficiently manage the repair process. This service is available to all our airline customers, and will enable the customer to save both time and money, by contracting out their repairs to an organisation that specialises in the field.

The airline will benefit through reduced turnaround times, reduced cost of repairs and increase efficiency of the repair of their components. Regular computerised reporting of all components currently on repair, with a dedicated repair team specialist assigned to each airline, means the airline employee responsible for repairs is constantly on top of his components currently out on repair.

Coupling our service with fixed price handling fee and low cost shipping solutions, the airline can be assured of making the maximum return on their unserviceable stock, usually a part of the inventory left to languish, be forgotten about and written off.