Consignment Solutions

In addition to our core business of airline component support and repair, we offer consignment solutions to airlines looking to minimise their on-site stock holding and maximise the return on the value of their stocks. We offer this service both to companies no longer needing to support an aircraft type and wanting to maximise the sale value of a now obsolete stock, and to companies still operating or supporting the aircraft type but looking to reduce in-house holdings, gain a return on the value of these stocks, but still have just in time availability of their stocks. Regular computerised reporting of their stock, values sold and exchanged and profit made and divided are provided on a monthly or quarterly basis. All stock held on behalf of a customer is available for immediate release back to the customer, and while with EJS is fully inventoried and insured.

This service is not limited to stocks of under-utilised components but can encompass entire aircraft being removed from service. EJS will manage the ferry, teardown and production of an inventory list of the aircraft, before relocation to our warehouse and upload to our database systems (and thus to all major worldwide aviation databases) to commence the marketing cycle applicable to your stock

We currently hold consignments of rotables and consumables from multiple airlines and repair agencies, including from operators who have entrusted entire aircraft to our consignment program. Please call our sales team to learn more and explore the possibilities.