Executive Jet Support specialise in the support of aircraft operators primarily at the component support level. Covering all areas of airframe component usage, within this field we offer the following services

Major Component Support

Stock of engines, propellers and landing gear for sale, exchange and loan.

Rotable Component Support

Stock of rotable or repairable components for sale, exchange and loan

Consumable Component Support

Supply of consumable parts on sale basis, individually or in kit form.

All the above categories are supported by our comprehensive out-of-hours AOG service.

Component Repairs

Repair and management of third party components, managing the repair needs of our customers utilising our extensive network of repair agencies and our highly experienced in-house MRO department.

Consignment Solutions

In addition to our core business of airline component support and repair, we offer consignment solutions to airlines looking to minimise their on-site stock holding and maximise the return on the value of their stocks.

Aircraft, Engine & Surplus Purchases and Sales

We also trade in entire regional aircraft, their associated engines, propellers and landing gears, and component packages, routinely purchasing entire airline fleets and airline or MRO stock holdings, inventory no longer required by the owner due to change in strategy, fleet ownership or economic circumstances.

The above services are available across the entire range of aircraft types listed on our Platforms page.