Component Support

With 50,000 part numbers and over 2 million individual parts, EJS has a stock holding to provide component support to a diverse range of aircraft types from a number of aircraft manufacturers. Should a part be unavailable from inventory, our strategic partnerships and access to all major global databases guarantees 100% component availability to all our customers.

The above component support is available to all customers on an out of hour basis, either through a call to the main switchboard number or direct to your designated support contact. We believe in constant availability of our support staff to our clients, as well as the use of multiple communication mediums so the client can feel reliably supported. These mediums include phone (mobile and landline), email, SMS, IM and VoIP, all of which are embedded into our computer infrastructure. All our support managers are supplied devices with these mediums enabled.

Financial stability allows continuous purchasing of entire airline inventories, smaller surplus packages and entire aircraft for teardown. We are always interested to receive listings of surplus stock or to appraise aircraft being offered for sale.